Can I stay in the airport overnight

In many airports, the answer to the question of whether one can stay at the airport overnight is yes. Some airports stay open all night for airport sleepers while others close at night. Each airport has an airport guide that talks about airport hours and link to airport reviews submitted by travelers who have experienced a long layover or has spent the night at the airport.

Every airport has different rules laws. Auckland airport gives no dedicated facilities for sleeping. Departure screenings tend to open one hour before the first departing flight each morning.

If you are not allowed to stay at the airport premises, you can sleep in your car and park it in the airport’s parking facility. Talking about car parking, it is important to know about Auckland airport parking fees.


Parking fees at the Auckland Airport

There are four types of parking at the Auckland Airport, namely economy parking, standard parking, executive parking, and drop off and pick up parking.


Economy parking

This type of parking is available at both domestic and international terminals. People who park their cars at the Airport need to know that their cars are safe and parked properly. Auckland parking ensures that travelers can travel without worries about their automobiles back at the airport. Economy parking is a low cost, and all the parks are secure, making parking easy. There are also Park and ride facilities that allow easy access to and from the terminals making the travelers stay at the airport comfortably.


Standard parking

Several standard parking options are available at both the domestic and international terminals of the airport. These parking options suit best for people who are going for a business trip or a weekend getaway. All the covered and uncovered parks are close to the terminal, making access easy and short. People can reach the airport from the car park quickly, and even while going back, they do not need to go through difficulties while reaching the park.


Executive parking options

Like the other two, this parking option is also available at both the terminals. Executive parking does not only provide you with the regular parking facilities but also allows you to avail features like valet parking, extra-wide car parks, grooming, etc.



There are several ways by which one can stay at the airport overnight. Some airports allow you to stay legally while others don’t. Auckland Airport is one of the airports that does not allow you to stay at the airport. Their parking fee is also high and is charged according to days. Fees are varied according to the car park is either covered or uncovered. As obvious, charges for the covered car park and much more than those of the uncovered ones.

Before one can decide on how to stay at an airport overnight, it is important to consider all the factors ranging from the airport’s features to its parking fees.