How to verify military status online

The primary and foremost question that comes in our mind when we talk about verification of military service is that why is there a need to verify someone’s military status? In today’s world, fraud and sham is a widespread practice, and people openly lie about their profession and their work. It is hard to believe that this practice is also possible in the military word. People lie about their posts in the army or exaggerate the services they have provided. Due to these reasons, it is sometimes essential to verify someone’s military status. Besides the usual ways of doing so like that of DFAS, you can also verify military status online. This article would mainly focus on the means of checking military status online while shedding some light on other forms.

Online military background check service

The benefit of using an online military check service is that it is detailed, quick, and provides you with accurate information. The flaw, on the other hand, is that it costs money. Hence before checking service online, you should make sure whether the report is that important to you or not.

TruthFinder is one of the most popular background check websites. They advertise that they do a people search via the dark web scan. It checks for public records, and it is much likely that if a person has served in the military, this web will find it in their background. To avail services at TruthFinder, you need to pay for the services and sign up for a subscription to verify military status.

Another reputable website is, and like TruthFinder, they also require charges for services. It allows you to do a lookup by name, number, or even address. As per their advertisements, it has been concluded that people have used their services for more than 7 million downloads.


The Defense Manpower Data Centre can also be used to verify someone’s military status. This website is available 24 hours and will tell you if a person is currently serving in the military or not. When entering information like social security number and other details, the system will indicate that the person either is part of the military or has been part of an army, or the DMDC possess no information regarding the details entered. This would mean that the person is not on active duty nor is a retired military officer. This information is provided in a signed document containing the Department of Defense seal.


There are several ways to see if someone was part of the military or not. Some ideas would require days to verify, while others like online verification would complete the process in minutes but exchange for a fee. Regardless of all this, it is essential to confirm a person’s military service or status to make sure that they are not lying to you.